Artist publicly denounces Cardi B with explosive video for unauthorised use of artwork

Famous Italian artist aleXsandro Palombo denounces Cardi B with an explosive video after the American rapper used his artwork "Marge Simpson Style Icon" without authorization. Cardi B was also sent a warning from artist aleXsandro Palombo's lawyers who are taking legal action against the American pop star and her closest collaborators. In this exclusive video entitled "Stop Stealing To Artists", shot by director Nicola Schito with original music composed by Matteo Parolini, the artist aleXsandro Palombo tells the story and addresses Cardi B directly with a special message. "Cardi B has illegitimately appropriated the work of aleXsandro Palombo for mere business purposes in defiance of the most elementary rules on copyright and Instagram policies, with the consequent serious risks, both of compensation and of discredit for her public image” declared Claudio Volpi, Attorney at Barberi & Volpi law firm. The artwork used without authorization by Cardi B, her photographer Jora Frantzis and her stylist Kollin Carter is part of the “Marge Simpson Style Icon” series that the Italian artist created in 2013, to transform Marge, mother and desperate housewife, in a style icon; a work of reflection on women's emancipation and gender equality. The series was unveiled by Vogue UK and became world famous in a short time. "Cardi B and her collaborators have used my artwork without any authorization, debasing its original meaning and only to amplify their image with a clear commercial purpose that has nothing to do with that path of social awareness that has always characterized my works. Dear Mrs Cardi B, based on your reasoning, shall everyone illegally download your music?” aleXsandro Palombo said. In 2019, the prestigious Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris staged an important exhibition entitled "Mondrian Revolution" and exhibited one of the pop artworks from the "Marge Simpson Style Icon" series by aleXsandro Palombo, the one that immortalized Marge Simpson with the iconic Mondrian dress created by Yves Saint Laurent. The footage and pictures have been published with the permission of the artist.