Artists Paint Mural at Destroyed Gaza School

Artists in Khan Yunis, Gaza, painted a mural at a destroyed school in an attempt to “move toward hope,” footage here shows.

This footage was captured by local journalist Mohammad Salama, and shows artists painting the mural at the Ahmed Abd ElAziz Basic School for Boys in Khan Yunis.

The mural shows a young girl with tears in her eyes and a Palestinian flag on her cheek, a torn-up school bag, and a pencil eraser spotlighting a young boy standing in front of a pile of rubble.

In the footage, Wafaa Abo Jalala, a local speech pathologist and manager at the Wafaa Center for Rehabilitation and Communication, says, “In this destroyed school we found a heartbeat.”

The center’s logo is seen painted on to the mural and on the uniforms of men in the footage.

In the video, Abo Jalala and one of the men say, “We will revive life again. No matter how great the challenges, they will never be greater than our patience and determination to overcome the impossible, as loyalty means completing the journey until the end.”

A strike on a residential building next to the school was reported in December.

Israeli troops pulled back from Khan Yunis on April 7 following months of fighting, leaving much of the city in ruins. Credit: Mohammad Salama via Storyful

Video transcript