Asda shoppers giggle over 'rude' ornament as they all say the same thing

Asda store
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Asda's loyal customer base has erupted in fits of laughter amid claims that one amongst the supermarket's decorative offerings bears an impolite resemblance to a specific body part.

The decor piece, retailing for £7, is a dark grey circular ornament with a hole in the centre and supported by four metal stands, easily tickled the funny bones of shoppers due thanks to its unusual design.

It turns out many patrons couldn't help but notice the striking similarity between this piece and a certain part of the posterior!

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With this candid observation quickly finding its way onto Facebook, the hilarity ensued online. One elated customer captured the moment, captioning the shared photo with a light-hearted jest: "If anyone is in need of decorative b*****es then Asda have you covered."

The response to this cheeky comparison was promptly met with roaring laughter as the post garnered over 6000 likes and inspired more than 2000 witty remarks. Suggestions flowed in too, as amused viewers openly advised their pals to grab hold of the titter-inducing ornament to jazz up their homes.

Dirty-minded Asda shoppers left giggling over ornament that looks 'rude'
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One jovial comment even suggested the unconventional piece would have been the perfect present for their grandmother, stating with a snicker: "I would definitely have bought this for Nana Shirl."

Further hilarious comments included someone describing the comparison as "brilliant", while another added: "Everything reminds me of her."

Interestingly, this isn't the first time an Asda product has led to fits of giggles amongst customers, with a £5 roleplay set also causing a stir last month. The sassy commenters suggested that the children's play kit, complete with a name badge and deli counter worker's hat amongst its 30 accessories, could be repurposed for adult entertainment.

One individual posted on Twitter at the time: "Anyone up for a bit of roleplay? While another quipped: " While another quipped: "Husband was expecting French Maid what he actually got was Asda Deli Girl, his disappointment was palpable."