Asda's £1.40 peppermint oil hack to keep spiders out of your home this summer

The arrival of summer often brings with it an unwelcome influx of spiders seeking shelter in our homes.

This year, the invasion is predicted to be larger than usual due to the warm and damp spring conditions that have lured these eight-legged creatures indoors. As a result, Brits are on the hunt for effective ways to either banish or prevent spiders from entering their homes.

Luckily, there's a simple and affordable solution at hand. Jess Steele, a heating technology expert at BestHeating, has shared a budget-friendly tip that can be found in most supermarkets, along with additional steps to keep spiders at bay during the warmer months, as reported by the Express.


The miracle product? Peppermint oil or extract, which can be purchased for as little as £1.40 at Asda or slightly more on Amazon.

Jess explains: "Peppermint oil provides a strong smell, and spiders are sensitive to them which makes it an effective yet cheap method of taking away the worry of finding creepy crawlies all over the home, without causing harm to them."

To ward off spiders, Jess recommends creating a peppermint spray by mixing the oil with water and applying it to curtain interiors, windowsills, and carpet corners. Using it in a diffuser can help deter spiders from frequently used rooms, and placing cotton buds soaked in the mixture in known spider hotspots can be particularly effective.

She explained: "Spiders smell with their legs so that's why powerful scents work well. For those with persistent issues try a mixture of smells such as citrus peels, herbs and spices like mint and cinnamon, and even using vinegar in a spray, as these are fantastic and natural ways to keep your home free of arachnids without spending much."

Indeed, spiders also taste with their feet, which is why they steer clear of strong and pungent flavours such as citrus or mint. Just popping a mint plant on your windowsill or sprinkling leaves around window frames can do wonders in deterring the eight-legged critters.