Ash revisits his plan to flee with Luc

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On her way home late at night, Ziggy crosses paths with Mick, who is still in the middle of a breakdown and without his meds. She manages to escape to the Diner and Mick continues wandering, delirious and unsure of his whereabouts.

Mick finally gets hold of some medication when Kat arrives to take him to the police station. However, Ash soon finds out that Mick is going to be released from the station, as it was all a misunderstanding.

Photo credit: Channel 5

When Alf, Ash, Leah, Tori and VJ discuss Mick's release, they still believe the situation can help them with the custody battle over Luc. Irene arrives with their lawyer for the custody case. Fortunately, the lawyer confirms that Mick's case is weak and their chances of winning custody are solid. However, just as they are about to finish, Kat comes to take Ash to the police station for assaulting Mick.

At the station, Ash is questioned by Kat and McCarthy. The police level some heavy accusations and Ash requests the presence of his lawyer. When Tori and Irene arrive at the station, Ash is worried that he will be charged with assault and this will help Mick secure custody of Luc. Tori assures him that they can sort this out, but Ash is not convinced and feels his only option is to run away overseas with Luc and Tori.

Photo credit: Channel 5

Meanwhile, Justin sneaks into what he thinks is Willow's place as two men on motorbikes ride to the door. The men are looking for their money. Willow attempts to deal with them alone, but Justin appears before the situation can reach an explosive level. The men retreat, but Willow is not happy that Justin has made things worse for her.

Willow finally agrees to return Buddy, hoping Justin will leave so she can deal with her situation alone. Justin seems annoyed that she's refusing his help.

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