Ashanti always wanted to become a mom

Nelly and Ashanti are expecting their first child credit:Bang Showbiz
Nelly and Ashanti are expecting their first child credit:Bang Showbiz

Ashanti has "always dreamed" about becoming a mom.

The 43-year-old singer is expecting her first child with rapper Nelly, and Ashanti admits that she can't wait to become a mom.

The 'Rain on Me' hitmaker - who is engaged to Nelly - told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I was so shocked and happy and emotional. I always dreamed about it.

"I wanted it so, so bad and I just feel like the timing was perfect."

Nelly, 49, announced their pregnancy news before it was even confirmed by a test result.

Ashanti has confessed to being shocked that he decided to share the news during a joint performance in St. Louis in December.

The singer explained: "When he blurted that out on stage, we actually did not know. I hadn't even taken a test at that time."

Meanwhile, Ashanti has admitted to being caught off guard by Nelly's proposal.

The singer - who dated Nelly in the 2000s, before they rekindled their romance last year - revealed that she never actually saw it coming.

She shared: "It was just such a beautiful, intimate moment. We were not dressy."

Ashanti was actually wearing one of Nelly’s T-shirts and a pair of boxer shorts when he proposed.

She said: "I felt like [the proposal] was going to come soon. I didn’t know when. The way that it happened was just so funny. I’m sitting in the bed watching TV with boxers on."

Ashanti recalled feeling "shocked and surprised" in the immediate aftermath of the proposal.

The singer - who worked with Nelly early in her music career - said: "I gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. I FaceTimed everyone I know … I was overjoyed and shocked and surprised and happy, kind of, like, all in one."