Ashley Graham Is Brought to Tears After Directing a Body-Positive Lingerie Shoot

Ashley Graham is one of the world’s most recognizable plus-size models. She has graced the pages of an array of high-fashion magazines while being an outspoken advocate of positive body image. In a new video with Glamourshe continues her campaign. The 29-year-old was brought to tears after inviting four women of different shapes and sizes to do a lingerie shoot directed by her. She said, “I did not think I was going to cry today. There is an emotion just rushing through me.”

Graham went on to say that this “body revolution” is not a trend, and that everyone — regardless of who they are — has body insecurities. She said, “It goes from big girls to little girls; it goes from Spanish girls to black girls; it goes from white girls to young girls. It’s everybody in between.”

The model was extremely moved by a young woman who admitted she is in recovery for anorexia, a disease that never truly goes away. While talking to the young woman, Graham said, “I’m thinking about all the young girls out there who are so insecure with their bodies, and they’re looking at you and saying, ‘If she can do it, I can do it’ — so thank you.”

By being passionate about this issue, Graham makes a real point about the way we can make a difference. She said, “If we keep having this conversation, if we keep talking about the things that society has said are ugly or the things that we don’t see in media, that is what is going to change … make a new normal.”

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