Ashley Graham Says There Was 'No Way In Hell' She Could Continue Breastfeeding Her Twins (Exclusive)

Ashley Graham is opening up about the conversation around her breastfeeding choices and what life is like tackling the modeling world while raising three boys


Ashely Graham says "every day" is different as a working mom of three.

The model mom, 35, tells PEOPLE that her partnership with organic coconut smoothie brand Harmless Harvest comes at a good time as she's always on the go with twin boys Malachi and Roman, 2, and son Isaac Menelik Giovanni, 3.

"Sometimes I get to be home all day with the kids and I get all three of them to myself, and then there's other days where I'm like, 'Hope they're eating good today with their grandma,' " Graham tells PEOPLE.

The smoothies have been a win for the busy mom who is impressed that her kids "have not gotten sick of them."

"We go on a full rotation, and it feels like a new smoothie every time. Isaac's favorite is the coconut smoothie with the chocolate as a strong second, which surprised me."

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Also surprising to Graham was the conversation around her decision to stop breastfeeding her twins, though she feels it's "another important conversation we need to be having."

"So the interesting thing is, getting into my partnership with Bobbie, I didn't realize a lot of the statistics that were around the breastfeeding and formula stigma. I realized how important this conversation actually was because there were a lot of people that had shame on both sides," she says.

"It was an easy conversation for me to have, especially in light of the fact that there was no way in hell that my twins were going to be able to breastfeed longer than I had let them at that point," she candidly admits. "I was really excited to be able to talk about that, and knowing that there were so many others that felt validated about the decision to combo feed, or stop breastfeeding."

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Ashley Graham
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Ashley Graham

"It's just about the parent making the right decision for their kids and not feeling bad about it. I mean, it sounds so simple, but every parent you talk to can tell you about all the unsolicited advice that they have gotten over the years," she adds.

Graham's Harmless Harvest partnership celebrates parenting's "sweet, but not too sweet" moments, a vibe that parents can relate to, according to the model.

"As a parent, you're living your life, you're negotiating, you're trying to figure out how to keep your kid not just alive, but happy and thriving. And sometimes, parenting as a whole is a sweet but not too sweet situation," she admits. "The moments come and go, they're fleeting. So seeing moments from fans, I was impressed because it's like, 'Oh I do that. It's not just me. Thank God, I'm not destroying my child."

The mom of three is enjoying a special time with her boys, watching the twins "really interacting with each other" and "screaming" their big brother's name. Isaac, in the meantime, has become a fan of dinner table chats.

"Isaac is my little explorer. He takes in so much information and he likes to have full-blown conversations," she laughs. "If you don't talk to him, he asks, 'Can we please have a conversation?' "

She continues, "And then I'll say, 'Yes Isaac, what do you want to talk about?' He's like, 'I want to learn something new today.' It's more than just sweet, it's like, wow, I am doing a good job. My kid wants to learn."

The mom of three admits there are times when keeping up with three boys can be tough, especially when factoring in self-care.

"I think the biggest struggle, besides keeping a schedule with snack time and nap time, is making sure that the days are filled with activities where everybody's having a good time, and finding time for myself," Graham shares. "Moms know, if it's not on the calendar, it's basically not happening. It takes a lot of effort to carve out me-time, whether it's a workout or acupuncture or yoga."

"And I also want to put in the time with my husband, so it's mapping out my time and making sure it is spent wisely," she notes. "That's probably the hardest thing."

Though she's juggling a lot, the mom of three is also showing how powerful and sexy motherhood can be, sharing she thought it was "so cool" that she was honored with the top spot of Maxim's Hot 100.

Ashley Graham Instagram
Ashley Graham Instagram

"I'm like, 'Wow, I birthed three kids. I've been married forever and a day.' It feels so cool that I'm still hot," she says with a laugh. "And I think it's a testament to other women in the same position as me, who have stretched-out stomachs and cellulite that yeah, this is hot. We are hot. It's all what you make of it."

For now, her family of five feels complete, with Graham's husband, Justin Ervin, recently making the decision to get a vasectomy.

"It was more a preventative measure. It wasn't even my idea," Graham says. "I'm really thankful that my husband was cool about it, and I definitely thanked him for making this an easy process because I don't have to do anything on my end. And he walked out of there like a champ."

As summer approaches, the family is excited to enjoy quality time together, especially in their pool.

"We opened our pool and the kids are learning how to swim and it's so cute to see little one-year-olds jumping in and learning how to hold their breath," she says of the twins. "Isaac is an avid swimmer, so I'm excited to have these three little guys in the pool all summer long."

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