Asia NOW Paris art fair: A platform for Asia's creative scene and its diaspora

In this special edition of the programme, we take you to Asia NOW, Europe's premier Asian art fair. This year, it was relocated from a private mansion in the French capital to the Monnaie de Paris, which houses the world’s oldest continuously running mint. Some 27,000 people attended this eighth edition. Many galleries managed to sell the majority of their works on display, with some netting six-figure sums. While there were big names like Takashi Murakami or Ai Weiwei, the fair also featured young talents who may become the art world's stars of tomorrow.

To find out more about Asia NOW's growing impact, we spoke to Alexandra Fain, its founder and director, and Jean-Marc Decrop, an expert on Chinese contemporary art.

We also met two of the artists exhibiting their work at Asia NOW for the first time: Natsuko Uchino and Kara Chin.

With special thanks to:

Sarah Greenberg

Asia NOW

Yavuz Gallery


Galerie Allen

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