We asked what Plymouth residents want from the election - and here's what they said

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The upcoming General Election on July 4th has stirred a range of concerns among the public, as highlighted in a recent article by Plymouth Live. Readers have expressed a variety of pressing issues that they hope the government will address and deliver upon.

One reader Jbear writes: "The cost of living crisis, the running down and underfunding of the public sector and local authorities, green issues, the economy and the rise of right wing nationalist populism often fact free, reform of the first past the post system and the house of Lords are some of the things that bother me and would like to see some work on."

While Condor says: "I don't mind who gets in so long as they put things right and I don't have to pay for it." Intheknow1 asks for: "Better transport links to encourage business to the area. Everything stops at Exeter."

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RickOshay questions: "What matters to me is that political leaders show some honesty, integrity and competence. We haven’t seen any of that from Boris, Truss and Sunak, and Farage has a long track record of deception. The national infrastructure is seriously damaged and the economy is crumbling so its going to take a long time to turn things around, but on 4th July we have a chance to start to make things better."

Doct says: "The last 14 years have seen decline in almost every aspect of our lives. I don't expect to see that decline reversed in the next couple of parliaments, but I do hope to see social injustice, homelessness and health services addressed."

They continue with: "I want to see less focus on 'profit' and greater emphasis on people and their dignity, which has been eroded through years of austerity. I want to see the end of naïve, populist politics whereby the 'personality' of the so-called leader disguises their obvious failings. We had it with Johnson, don't do it again with Farage. I also want to see effective opposition. I'm not enthralled by the prospect of a landslide, but even that can be tempered by effective opposition."

While Joe123 writes: "It's the incoming party who will be the subject of scrutiny - namely Kier, and how he will deal with those topics you mention. So it should be interesting to find out!"

Redpep says: "A change of government for starters."

AJGreen mentions the result: "But the question is - what sort of result is it going to be? Will the votes be spread so far that a coalition between parties is the only way, or will the third place party, Remain, as the polls are currently showing, win outright?"

"My view would be that a coalition between one of the two leading parties and Remain would be necessary, but could a coalition between Remain and the Labour Party work? Would the fusion of ideologies cause internal conflicts? Tories and Remain? Hmm... The Tories wouldn't like it, nor Nigel, but they might see more common ground to work with. Let the political battles and rhetoric commence. The next few months are going to be interesting."

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