Aston Villa line up £30m Profit and Sustainability Rule change proposal in leaked document

A general view as the sides make their way out of the tunnel at Villa Park
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Ahead of the summer transfer window's opening, Aston Villa will reportedly formally challenge the Premier League's Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) to allow clubs to incur greater losses.

Back in March, The Times claimed Villa had raised the issue in that month's shareholders meeting with the other 19 member clubs of the English top-flight. They held a desire to see the maximum amount of losses over a three-year period increased from £105m to £135m.

Now with the 2023/24 campaign completed and clubs preparing to utilise the transfer market ahead of the next season, Villa will seek to initiate a vote on the matter, say the Mail Online. They claim to have come into possession of a document floated around the league by Villa.

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It reads: "We believe that increasing the current level of the allowable losses would go some way to accounting for the inflationary pressures that Premier League clubs are facing, would aid the competitive balance of the Premier League, and not damage clubs’ financial sustainability.

"The Premier League’s current PSR regulations allow clubs to incur a maximum of £105m losses over three years. While this regulation aims to maintain financial stability and fair competition, it has become increasingly clear that this limit is too low given the current economic landscape in football."

As is the case with motions put forward to member clubs, a minimum of 14 out of 20 need to strike an accord in order for it to be ratified. A recent example of this would be Wolves' proposal to have VAR scrapped from the league entirely.

Even with the club's success in qualifying for the Champions League next season, Villa have been restricted by current PSR in how much they are able to spend in relation to their losses. The club - like others - would be forced to sell before the end of June in order to recruit, though ideally would hope not to lose homegrown talents like Jacob Ramsey, or their key stars such as Douglas Luiz and Ollie Watkins.

When first details first emerged of this it was speculated that such a vote may risk causing discourse amongst those already punished under the current £105m allowance. Both Everton and Nottingham Forest were deducted points during the 2023/24 season, and at the time faced relegation.

Now their safety is confirmed there is still no guarantee the same fate won't become of them again. So instead of going against out of fairness, those punished could actually turn in favour rather than against.

To appeal to the majority of the league, that is why the document continues: "Another key aim for the financial regulation is to protect the competitive balance of a league. The current allowable losses limits teams with lower revenue to compete with those who generate higher income.

"This demonstrates the difficulty for teams to close the gap financially and therefore struggle to close the gap on the pitch. Our proposed increase to allowed losses would enable ambitious clubs to challenge those above them in the table and improve the overall competitive balance of the Premier League."

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