Aston Villa star Kortney Hause details gang bottle attack ordeal after he was followed home from London

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  • Kortney Hause
    English association football player (born 1995)
Kortney Hause revealed the ordeal in a documentary (powerhausesportsgroup / Instagram)
Kortney Hause revealed the ordeal in a documentary (powerhausesportsgroup / Instagram)

Aston Villa star Kortney Hause has revealed how a gang attempted to ambush him on Boxing Day three years ago, smashing a bottle around his head.

The defender, who was playing for Wolves at the time, had been shopping in Oxford Circus in central London with a friend when he was followed home by the thugs.

He had been left out of the team’s squad for the fixture, so had decided to travel back to Chelmsford, Essex, to spend time with family.

But when he arrived in a friend’s car, he was targeted by five thugs who attacked him. The 26-year-old footie star revealed the ordeal in the second part of a documentary titled PowerHause Journey ft. Kortney.

He said: “I’ve walked to my front door, my boy has pulled off and a car... all tinted, pulled up and then stopped.

"All the doors opened apart from like the driver’s door and five guys hopped out of the car and I’m thinking ‘what’s this some prank?’

"I remember there was a tall guy ... the tall guy was like ‘grab him, grab him, grab him.’

“I’m thinking they’re trying to grab me and put me in the back of the car door”.

The taller member smashed the football ace over the head with what he believes to be a glass bottle.

He continued: "He pulls his arm back, I think he is going to punch me but … it must have been a bottle because it smashed, it must have been the end of a bottle and that is where I got that scar.”

The 26-year-old ran down the street but decided against knocking on a neighbour’s door out of fear they wouldn’t help him, instead running to a nearby hospital.

But just as he reached the hospital, his attackers caught up with him in a car - and he feared that they were going to pull a gun on him.

He told the documentary: “No word of a lie, I know it sounds mad, but I thought the window was going to come down and I thought they were going to shoot me.”

The sound of a nearby ambulance eventually spooked the attackers, and Hause was able to ask for medical help.

He was treated quickly and has since made a full recovery, joining Aston Villa shortly after the attack.

Hause is yet to play under Aston Villa’s new manager Steven Gerrard, but scored the winner for Villa in their 1-0 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford in September.

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