Astronaut dives head first out of the Space Station, 250 miles up, in vertigo-inducing video

Rob Waugh

An astronaut dives out of the International Space Station into the void – with Earth 250 miles below, in a vertigo-inducing video.

The video was posted online by astronauts on the space station, and was filmed in October by Randy Bresnik.

Bresnik, the commander of Expedition 53, wrote on Twitter, ‘Diving head-first into the vastness of space. How spectacular is that view?’

The video shows Bresnik carrying out a spacewalk which lasted more than six hours, during which time astronauts carried out maintenance on the station’s robotic arms.

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Last week, astronauts on the space station posted a video showing the – surprisingly tricky – task of serving pizza in zero gravity.

The astronauts made pizza from first principles and served it – with slices floating around in the microgravity of the station.

Bresnik described the pizzas as, ‘flying saucers of the edible kind.’