Astros-obsessed toddler can imitate the batting stance of every Houston starter

A Houston toddler loves the Astros so much that he memorized every player’s batting stance. (Twitter/@PNAppleHouseRul)

Imagine what you were doing when you were 2.5 years old. Actually don’t do that, because you might feel bad that it’s not as impressive as what one Houston toddler can do with his still-forming brain.

Corey Gorman isn’t even 3 years old yet, but he can imitate the batting stance of every Houston Astros starter on command. It’s amazing to watch — he’s got a little bat and he sets himself up at a home plate in his parents’ living room.

That’s thoroughly impressive. Corey’s got everything down! He gets George Springer’s tall, upright stance, and Carlos Correa’s folded accordion stance. He knows just what Jose Altuve does when he’s at the plate, and can imitate his bat waggle beautifully. Corey knows Yuli Gurriel’s angled stance, Evan Gattis’ crouched stance and Tyler White’s backward stance. It’s brilliant.

On top of the stances, he can even accurately imitate their swings! And between each one, he taps the plate with his bat just like a pro.

As you may have guessed, Corey is obsessed with the Astros. He gets it from his parents, Lily and Jon Gorman. Here’s what Lily told KHOU about her little phenom.

His name is Corey, and he genuinely learned that just by watching Astros’ games. He’s literally obsessed! We are big fans (even though mom grew up a Rangers fan), but we’ve never pushed baseball or the Astros! He will sit and watch as much of every game as he possibly can. Every time an Astros player is up to bat, Corey will practice batting like them and watch himself in the reflection of the fireplace. We also may or may not have bases set up around our living room so he can “run his home runs.”

OK, that’s adorable. His dad, Jon, is both proud and thrilled.

“I like to watch the games, so he started one day sitting down and watching them too.” said the toddler’s dad, Jon Gorman. “A couple of weeks ago, he said – ‘Look, Dad. I’m Yuli. He did the Yuli stance where his arms were up in the air and his body was rotated back and we just died laughing.”

“I mean it’s awesome. I have a little buddy I can watch sports with all the time.”

Corey’s just 2.5 years old, so his future is a big, bright open space that he can fill with anything he wants. But with how much he loves baseball, it’s not hard to imagine him finding his way into the game someday. Maybe he’ll be a baseball player, but he could also become a scout or executive. With his eye for the nuances of the game, he’d be a natural.

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