I ate breakfast, dinner and tea in one of the best Wetherspoons in the UK

Upon entering the pub, Susan was amazed at its sheer scale
-Credit: (Image: Manchester Evening News)

Blackpool and its world-renowned resort, has a plethora of attractions to offer.

From the iconic Tower and Valhalla at the Pleasure Beach, to donkey rides on the sand and oysters at Robert's, not forgetting the ice cream at Notariannis - these are just some of the reasons why people return to this seaside resort year after year. Now, there's another reason to visit: The Velvet Coaster, which has been ranked as the ninth best Wetherspoons in the UK.

Upon hearing that this watering hole had featured so highly on such a prestigious list, our sister site LancsLive felt compelled to put it to the test. Their reporter Susan Newton had the following to say:

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Arriving for breakfast in the morning, the pub was unsurprisingly quiet. But still, for a midweek morning there was plenty of groups, individuals and couples enjoying the cheap and cheerful spot. Tables as far as the eye could see were enjoying a full English of various sizes - small, traditional and large.

I opted for a traditional myself, a difficult decision as I faced a day of heavy meals - but I was feeling brave after all, I'm no stranger to a Spoons trip. The meal was good, a correct amount of hash brown to meat ratio and solid tasting bacon sausage and beans adorned the plate.

I was even treated to an 'egg pop' which for any English breakfast connoisseurs out there, is a real delight. However, I must admit the best part of Spoons breakfast is the hot drinks station.

For those of you not in know, if you order a hot drink they are free unlimited refills all day, from the machines dotted around the pub. Simply hold on to your mug and you've got coffee on tap, perfect for any working visitors.

But what makes the Velvet Coaster so spectacular it's named the ninth-best 'spoons in the country?

Experts at Q.R. Code Generator analysed a list of all 869 chain locations in the country, seeing which has the best Google reviews. With a rating of 55.07% the Wetherspoons in South Pier is close to the tourist hotspots of the Pleasure Beach and Sandcastle Waterpark.

Whilst this is an appealing characteristic of the pub for locals and visitors alike, inside is charming too. Over three floors, there's outdoor and indoor seating which offers some spectacular views of Blackpool's seafront and promenade.

The Velvet Coaster has the most Google Reviews out of the top ten, with 10,528, out of those there’s 5,798 rated five-star.

That's good enough for me and honestly, it's not hard to see why. Upon entering the pub, I was amazed at its sheer scale.

It doesn't look like an old, disused public house that's been turned into a Wetherspoons like other locations. It looks purpose-built, with reams of space for socialising inside and enjoying the views outside (and sometimes the weather?)

There's even an art installation in the middle of the building named 'The Wave', which took inspiration from the Fylde's rugged coastline. Admiring my surroundings, I hadn't noticed a change in the day.

As soon as you knew it, the breakfast to lunch transition was already over and done with. Instead of the usual breakfast orders, people were eager to order themselves a midday order of chicken nuggets and chips, pizzas, burgers and wraps - a stark difference from the sausage, bacon, beans and egg that filled the orders before.

Then, 12pm hits and the pub looks entirely different. The usual groups of families and old friends having a mid-morning catch-up slowly disappear, as if they all collectively agreed not to be seen in the pub once the clock struck afternoon. A welcome break for the staff I'm sure and an interesting insight in to pub behaviours - particularly as it wasn't quiet for too long.

Once 1pm hit, construction workers and those who had clearly already completed a days work already, started grabbing themselves a pint. Men in high-vis jackets having a Stella, talking about their week and plans for the weekend.

Others around me include small children enjoying their food - but don't think this was busy for the pub's standards. No, this was the calm before the storm.

Around an hour later and whilst many tables had been filled around the bar area, the general atmosphere was relatively quiet and calm. Couples in their glad rags were having a quick drink before exploring the sights of the town, whilst families grabbed a quick bite to eat before letting their children run amok in the multitude of world famous attractions nearby.

Then, nothing. As those customers left, it was me, the staff and the familiar sound of a Wetherspoon's beep (similar to the unmistakable McDonalds sounds from orders coming in). It was like this for a little while whilst I grabbed my second meal of the day - a humble wrap.

As I still felt full from the breakfast, but not to let a challenge defeat me, I opted for a small 10" southern fried chicken wrap and glass of coke for £5.86. I snacked on this for a little while and I have to say, it was delicious.

Working in the quiet for a little while, not much happened in the pub apart from the odd customer enjoying a pint and taking themselves upstairs for more room and a better view. Come 5pm and things changed drastically.

As people finished work for the day and schools let children go home, the Spoons made a clear transition from day to night. Groups of 'lads' in colourful outfits, ready for an evening of drinking start piling in.

Youngsters with friends came to chat about their day over a chicken wing and a cocktail. Older individuals sat on their own were taking in the room around them and children with parents eagerly awaited food as they look forward to a weekend break.

It's a classic sight and due to the size of the place, this Spoons is able to welcome all. Whilst I enjoy people watching, I notice the time - it's almost time for me to order my third meal of the day.

Now, my only gripe with The Velvet Coaster is the price of food - fish and chips with an alcoholic drink is £13.60. Whilst that's cheap for most pubs these days, I can't help but imagine myself protesting against such ridiculous prices in a Spoons - but I concede, it is one of the best.

Wanting to choose something 'picky' rather than a full blown meal, I opt for an old faithful on many a Spoons visit. Usually I go for three plates and share with friends, but for one this is bound to be too much. Instead, I go for a portion of chips and chicken wings, smug as I think I've cracked the code.

Oh how wrong I was. You think that being in the pub all day would acclimatise me to portion sizes and the way Spoons does things. No. I have a few chips and a few wings and I'm full, of course I am, I don't usually eat my tea at 4.30pm.

Defeated by the food (I'm disappointed in myself as well) I asked something that the staff have probably never heard in a Wetherspoons before - have you got a doggy bag?