Athlete banned from all you can eat sushi restaurant after downing 100 dishes

Ironman Jaroslav Bobrowski was barred after sinking 100 dishes.

A triathlete was reportedly banned from an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant because he ate around 100 plates of sushi in one sitting. 

According to a German news site, the local ironman Jaroslav Bobrowski is on an extreme diet where he fasts for 20 hours a day, then eats “until he is full” during the remaining four hours.

Last week he got his money’s worth at the €15.90 (£14) Thai Thuna all you can eat restaurant, then ate enough for five people, the Bavarian restaurant’s owner told the Passauer Neue Presse.

It didn’t help that the 30-year-old Bobrowski, who keeps his body fat under 10 per cent, drank only tea, when the restaurant usually makes significant money from alcohol sales alongside the all you can eat charge.

Bobrowski, who is a software engineer by day, was a regular of the establishment until he was told not to return.

“I’m banned from now on because I’m eating too much,” he said.

“I was stunned.”