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Athlete revenue sharing bill in California, how do Olympic sports affect colleges & who is the 2023 transfer portal king?

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Dan Wetzel, SI’s Pat Forde & SI’s Ross Dellenger are back and kick off the podcast going through the details of a new bill proposal that would give college athletes in California a 50/50 split of athletic revenue — a potential huge shakeup to college athletics as we know it. Ross details how the bill could get approved & the newly found optimism surrounding it. There would be more benefits to the athletes, but how would it affect regular students? Could tuition fees be raised? Which sports would be eligible (and are deserving) of this proposed pay structure?

Dan raises the idea that the Olympic sports at universities should not dictate tuition being raised for any student. The premise of the federal government funding these sports is also on the table if more bills like these are passed and sports are deemed cuttable by their universities.

In college football news, Lane Kiffin was able to secure LSU transfer quarterback Walker Howard and a college football player entered the transfer portal advertising a school that he never attended.

Finally, the podcast ends with some fishing advice in the event that you land a big tuna.

1:00 A new revenue sharing bill for student athletes has been proposed in California

14:15 Would schools risk recruiting advantages by cutting some football funding?

19:00 Are the Olympic Sports worth keeping at universities if general students have to pay for them?

31:40 Should the Olympic sports be funded by the federal government?

43:32 Walker Howard is transferring from LSU to Ole Miss

46:15 A college football transferred from Savannah State while never being on the team

50:47 A fisherman was pulled from his boat after hooking a tuna in Hawaii

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The Harvard rowing team participating in a Regatta
Photo by Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images
The Harvard rowing team participating in a Regatta Photo by Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images