Atlanta Police Officer Hit From Behind by Car While Working Accident

The Atlanta Police Department released footage on October 20 showing an incident earlier in the month in which one of its officers was struck from behind by a vehicle while working a road accident on Interstate 75.

“Officer Steven Randerson, a nine-year veteran of the Atlanta Police Department, was investigating a traffic accident on I-75 NB near 17th St NW.,” police said.

The vehicles involved in the accident had been moved to the shoulder and Randerson had positioned his vehicle behind them to act as a warning to other, oncoming vehicles.

While Randerson was faced away from oncoming traffic, an approaching vehicle lost control and struck him.

“Randerson was seriously injured in the collision and remains off-duty during recovery,” police said. “The driver who rammed into Randerson was cited for going too fast for conditions.” Credit: Atlanta Police Department via Storyful

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