Atlanta Police Officer Resuscitates Unresponsive Infant

An Atlanta S.W.A.T. officer came to the aid of an unresponsive infant on Friday, May 13, administrating CPR to resuscitate the baby.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, officer SPO Oden was patrolling along the Martin Luther King Corridor when he noticed a driver with their hazard lights on and blaring their horn. The vehicle then pulled over and flagged down the officer.

A woman then rushed up to the officer with a baby in her arms, saying the child was unresponsive.

SPO Oden remained calm and began checking the child’s pulse, unable to find (one),” the police department said.

Body camera footage shared by the department shows SPO Oden performing CPR on the baby.

“By the time Grady EMS arrived, SPO Oden had successfully gained a pulse from the infant as the infant’s legs began to move,” the police department said. “Grady EMS took custody of the child and rushed him to the hospital for further treatment.” Credit: City of Atlanta Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- He's not responding, he's not responding!

- Yes everybody, we've got an emergency here at the fire station number nine. A baby not responding. Let me see, Let me see, let me see the baby.

- Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Needs air! Oh my gosh.

Oh, gosh. Needs air! Oh my gosh. Oh my God.


- That's affirm. That's affirm.


- Go knock on the door. See if somebody's there.



- The officer got him.


- Were you in the room with the baby?

- No, I was in the shower.

- OK.

- Yeah.

All right, come on.

- The air!

- Come on. You're all right. Come on.

- Come on, Caleb!