This 'ATM' dispenses kilograms of rice to residents in Vietnam for free

This machine in Vietnam dispenses 1.5 kilograms of rice for free. The device was installed in Ho Chi Minh City and is aimed at providing food for poor residents hit hard by COVID-19. The dispenser cost Hoang Tuan Anh 10 million Vietnamese dongs ($433 USD) to install. He said: "This system includes an intelligent doorbell that ignores people who come too many times. "When someone comes to ring the bell, I will have someone on duty, if the right person is the right person, I will press the control button in the phone to distribute the rice. "The rice is bought by me and every day the machine distributes more than 1 ton." One customer named Le Thi Truyen:: "In other places, they distribute rice without order, so I feel very insecure, but thanks to this technology, I feel more secure."