Atomic Kitten left red-faced after just 21 people show up to their Dubai gig

Atomic Kitten suffered an embarrassing blow when just 21 people turned up to see them perform a headline show in Dubai.

But while those few people may have been excited to see the Whole Again hitmakers – there wasn’t actually one original member on stage.

Kerry Katona, who originally left the band in 2000, dropped out of the International tour after taking sick in India six days ago, meaning it was up to Michelle Heaton – who was filling in for Liz McClarnon – and former Pop Idol star Zoe Birkett to entertain the crowd.

‘Atomic Kitten’ performed for just 21 people at a Dubai show
‘Atomic Kitten’ performed for just 21 people at a Dubai show

Billed as the ‘Ultimate Ladies’ night’, fans of the much-loved group were left in disbelief after they arrived to Roda al Bustan Hotel on Wednesday night to a largely empty ballroom and not a single original member of the band insight.

A source told MailOnline: ‘It was billed as the “Ultimate Ladies’ Night” but only 21 people showed up. Their manager came out looking frantic as the time drew closer to them going on stage and the room stood empty.

‘When he realised how small the crowd was they decided to push the show back by an hour. As they waited for the room to fill up, both Michelle and Zoe happily chatted to fans in the lobby.

‘It was then that the girls told concert goers that Kerry had to pull out of the tour after she had taken ill before their gig in Mumbai six days ago.’

But despite the poor showing, Michelle and Zoe still took to the stage and ‘did their best’ performing Atomic Kitten hits for an hour.

The source added: ‘Everyone’s heart went out to them but they were very professional and showed that the show must go on. Michelle did say it had been a tough week.’

However, Atomic Kitten’s management have said they are pursuing legal action against the promoter of the gig for falsely advertising the concert as an official Atomic Kitten gig as neither Liz, Jenny or Natasha were invited to perform.

‘The Mumbai concert was not nor ever was supposed to be an Atomic Kitten Gig and has been falsely advertised by the promoter to which effect we are currently pursuing legal action against.

‘This same promoter has then promoted another gig in Dubai once again falsely advertised as the girls where never even invited to attend to perform.’

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