Attorney of teen murder suspect files motion to withdraw from case

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Laura Wells, the attorney of Vincent Oliver Junior will file a motion to withdraw after her client wrote a letter to a judge calling for her and the co-defense attorney to be removed from his capital murder case.

“He can certainly ask Judge Lewis and Judge Richardson for another lawyer to be appointed but it’s not many of us qualified for a capital case,” Wells said.

Oliver Junior is charged with two counts of capital murder in the deaths of Jasmine Bean and Jalexious Wells– the shooting happened during a social gathering at a home on Fifth Avenue in November of 2022.

Oliver wrote two letters just this year aimed at his lawyers. One claimed that his attorney Wells is not acting right and has only visited him once at the Houston jail since his arrest and that she doesn’t keep him and his family up-to-date through the court process.

“I have seen him more than the other co-attorney and I have been representing Mr. Oliver for quite a while,” She said.

The second letter was centered around the timing of his indictment. He was indicted last May when he was transferred to adult court but Wells thought it was prematurely, so she appealed it and it was granted.

“He’s awaiting indictment by a new grand jury and I don’t know where the district attorney is in that process and I do not have any control over that I am his defense attorney,” Wells said. “I cannot control when they reindict him, look at his case again, or present that I tried to inform him of that but he’s comprehending the best that he can.”

With both of the attorneys filing a motion to withdraw, a Houston County judge will have to approve or deny the motion.

As of now, there are no dates set for a motion hearing and no new court dates for Oliver.

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