Aubrey Plaza hopes 'that we go back' to Parks And Recreation and says new film is 'horror movie in your mind'

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Parks And Recreation star Aubrey Plaza says she hopes the show will one day return to screens, saying being in the cast was "non-stop laughter".

The star spoke to Sky News ahead of the UK release of her new movie Black Bear.

Plaza, who was rocketed to stardom as April Ludgate in the cult NBC show, revealed the Parks And Recreation cast had spoken recently to celebrate the birthday of Retta, who played Donna, adding they all still keep in touch.

She told Sky News: "We were all saying Happy Birthday to [Retta], and then she sent a video of all of us dancing because we used to have these after lunch dance parties in the hair and make-up trailer.

"And it was like such a blast from the past. And I was like, oh my god, there's just no other cast in the world.

"But it was so fun... it was just non-stop laughter. And even though it was so long ago, we still keep in touch."

And with what could be music to the ears of fans of the comedy, Plaza added: "So, yeah, we're all like a little family still. So I don't know. I hope that we go back - you never know."

Her new film Black Bear, which has already had widespread critical acclaim, is a psychological drama of two halves, set in a remote lake house, in which Allison, a filmmaker played by Plaza, is attempting to get some writing done for her new movie.

However, she, perhaps unintentionally, drives a wedge between the couple she is staying with, before the movie cuts to a second storyline, showing Allison as the lead actress in a film seemingly based on the first half.

Describing the film she produced and starred in, Plaza told Sky News: "It's like two nightmares combined into one mega nightmare, and at least that's how it was for me... it's kind of like a horror movie - but in your mind.

"It's really one of those films that really genuinely is up for interpretation at the end. There's no set messaging or anything like that.

"But for me, even though it's dark, I still feel like there's some hopeful kind of through-line, that is really about facing your own fears and confronting the truth."

Plaza also said it was a "very strange movie that is unlike any movie that I have ever seen".

The film is set in a small wooden cabin by a giant lake, something which Plaza said came with its difficulties.

"The place had its challenges, like we were really, really out there in the woods, we had no cell service, we had no internet, we were dealing with daily blackouts and all kinds of stuff that you just don't anticipate when you're shooting," she said.

"It felt like we were kind of almost camping in the woods in a house, but just feeling like one-with-nature style."

Christopher Abbott and Sarah Gadon join Plaza in the film, making up the nightmarish trio that are central throughout the movie.

In the first half, Abbott and Gadon play Gabe and Blair - a couple whom Allison (Plaza) stays with - but in the second half of the film, Gabe is now Allison's husband and director, who is pretending to cheat on her with Blair to ensure his wife gives the performance of a lifetime in his film.

"When I decided to do the film, those were my top choices of people to work with," Plaza said.

"I just think they're both so good. And it just felt really real - it was very, very intense, intense work. But then at the end of the day, when we're wrapped, we all would, like a little family, get in our car, carpool back to the hotel and take care of each other."

Black Bear is released on digital platforms on 23 April, and you can watch Parks And Recreation on Sky Comedy, Sky Q and NOW