Audi RSQ E-Tron is an animated spy car you'll never drive (Christopher Smith)
Audi RSQ E-Tron, una macchina da spia che non guiderete mai
Audi RSQ E-Tron, una macchina da spia che non guiderete mai

Eat your heart out James Bond. Too bad it's not real.

Automakers and Hollywood have a long, storied history when it comes to product placement, but these days the connection seems stronger than ever. Do you think it was a coincidence the live-action Transformers franchise featured not just a Chevrolet Camaro, but numerous GM products? Don’t forget Ford using Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to launch its new EcoSport, not to mention the extra Blue Oval placement of a Mustang II King Cobra in the film, driven by Star-Lord’s dad when he was Earthside in the 1970s. More recently, Audi wrapped its four rings around Spider-Man: Far From Home with a cheeky video but all those product placements had one thing in common: They featured real cars.

Big box office:

Audi’s latest step into the big screen is a bit more animated, and we mean that literally. The RSQ e-tron is a fictional creation for the upcoming digitally animated film Spies in Disguise. The movie features Will Smith and Tom Holland voicing curiously accurate on-screen caricature of themselves in an animated spy flic where, for reasons we don’t fully understand, Smith’s ultra-macho super-spy character gets turned into a pigeon. Hey, it’s a fun adventure with Spider-Man and The Fresh Prince, so we’re willing to suspend our disbelief.

As such, the RSQ e-tron serves as the ultimate spy car. That means it's fast – fast enough to outrun missiles in fact – and of course its electric with a fully autonomous mode. According to a press release from Audi, the car was designed closely with Blue Sky Studios and features a “visionary design language and futuristic highlights including a hologram speedometer.” Could this mean we’ll see something similar to this fictional machine in future real-life Audis? Probably not, but admittedly, a holographic speedometer would be brilliant.

To further showcase the car and promote the film, Audi and Blue Sky Studios created the short video at the top of this article. It features the unlikely crime-fighting team (with Smith’s character not in pigeon form) deftly avoiding anonymous bad guys while out for lunch. You know, everyday super-spy stuff.

As for the actual movie, you can see it in UK theatres starting 27 December.