Audi SQ7 gets more power, new wheels from ABT (Anthony Alaniz)
Audi SQ7 By ABT

The ABT-tuned Audi makes 510 bhp.

ABT, the German aftermarket tuning company famous for giving the models of Audi, VW, and others more power and new looks, is at it again with the recently refreshed Audi SQ7. It’s a modest package that increases horsepower and torque while allowing owners to trade out the stock spinners for aftermarket ones. 

ABT’s most significant upgrade to the diesel-powered SQ7 happens under the bonnet. ABT does this through its proprietary engine control unit that takes the 435-bhp diesel V8 to 510 bhp. Torque also sees an increase going from an already eye-watering 664 lb-ft of torque to 715 lb-ft. ABT doesn’t say how the increased output affects performance, but it should be enough to feel it when smashing the accelerator. ABT Sound Control is also available for models equipped with the factory-fitted active sound system.  

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In addition to the increased power under the bonnet, ABT is also offering matching ABT wheels that come in three different variants. The Sport GR wheel is available in glossy or matte black while the HR Aero wheel is in dark smoke. The HR-F wheel is in shadow silver. ABT is also developing an aerodynamic widebody kit that will be available to order sometime next year. ABT will also offer several interior touches such as the ABT start-stop switch cap with an illuminated logo, or ABT door entry lighting.  

The Audi SQ7 is no slouch for a diesel-powered SUV. The torque is tremendous, and ABT’s simple tune can wring out even more performance. The unique wheels give the SUV a stylish look, and the widebody kit that will be available soon should enhance the SQ7’s looks even further.