Auschwitz Survivor Tells Off Sacramento Sheriff and ICE Director

Bernard Marks, an 87-year-old Auschwitz survivor, chastised Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones for not serving his community during a forum alongside acting ICE director, Thomas Homan, in Sacramento, California, on March 28.

“We did not elect you as sheriff of Washington DC,” said Marks during his turn at the microphone. “It’s about time you serve the people here.” Marks likened the recent ICE raids he says are “tearing families apart” to his own family’s incarceration in concentration camps, urging Jones not to forget that “history is not on your side.”

In an op-ed published by The Sacramento Bee on March 3, Marks compares the rising nationalism and shift in law-enforcement in the United States to the social climate in his home town of Lodz, Poland, in the early stages of Nazi occupation. Credit: Twitter/Gabriel Thompson via Storyful