Aussie 9-year-old passes out MULTIPLE times while on slingshot ride

A nine-year-old girl has gone viral after she passed out multiple times on a theme park slingshot ride with her father.

Molly Barrett and her dad AJ Barrett, 50, launched themselves into the sky during an adrenaline-fuelled episode while on a family holiday to the Gold Coast, Australia.

The on-board recording shows the pair both seemingly nervous before take-off as dad AJ said: "Be careful what you wish for...the only way is up...we are never doing anything like this ever, ever again."

Molly lets out a chorus of screams after the cage is released and they went flying - before passing out on the way back down.

She is unconscious for around five seconds as the ride propels the pair back up before she wakes and continues to scream.

But Molly passes out for the SECOND time moments later during the following descent, before regaining consciousness and shouts 'Oh my god!'

Doting dad AJ is completely oblivious to his daughter's unconscious state as he enjoys the ride.

AJ said: "We were shot into the night sky at approximately 6G's and were not able to see much and trying to keep the horizon in your view is very difficult.

"There were instant screams from Molly and then; blackout, awake, scream, blackout.

"It was Molly's idea to go on the ride. She saw it from our previous trip.

"She could see it from our hotel window and it was the first thing she mentioned when we arrived was 'where is the slingshot!!??' as it had moved."

AJ admits he is not a big fan of amusement park rides, but went with Molly as her 19-year-old daughter wasn't around.

He said: "I took one for the team, as she was so hellbent on going on it.

"Molly took a shine to all the rides on the Gold Coast Seaworld and Warner Bros and Movie World.

"She went on any ride that allowed her with her height, most time roping her mum and sisters into going with her, and me, of course.

"This was her idea. As soon as she knew she met the height restrictions, she would not let up."

AJ initially didn't notice that Molly passed out the first time, but had an 'inkling' the second time around due to her silence.

He added: "When we got off the ride we were able to watch the video. We all absolutely laughed our heads off.

"As soon as we got home we uploaded it to the computer. Funniest thing we'd ever see."

The video racked up over two million views on TikTok and friends and family all saw the video leaving the family "gobsmacked".

One TikTok user commented: "poor little darling. I feel terrible laughing so much".

Others posted: "This girl has a future movie scream voice!" and "the best scream I've ever heard."

AJ said: "They love it. Molly is a vivacious nine-year-old and will give anything a go. She is extremely popular with her school friends and makes a lot of people laugh.

"Never thought it could have that type of reach reading the comments has also been a joy. Molly loves them."

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