Aussie Couple Build Pub at Home to Combat Lockdown Blues

A Sydney couple built a bar in their garage after New South Wales’ lockdown left them “missing” their local pub.

This footage by TikToker Kaylyn Mitchell shows her husband, Daniel, using pallets to form the foundation of a bar bench in their Glendenning home’s garage. He secures a bench top, chars it slightly and stains it a dark brown.

The couple can be seen clinking bottles over the final product, which Mitchell said took about three hours and cost A$300 ($220).

“We built the bar for something to do in lockdown as we were missing our local pub and being able to socialise with friends,” Mitchell told Storyful. “We were getting sick of looking at the same four walls everyday.”

Residents of Greater Sydney were given stay-at-home orders on June 26, which were recently extended until the end of September. Credit: kaylyn.mitchell via Storyful

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