Aussie Farmer Questions Guinea Pigs' Engineering Abilities After They Eat Bottom of Hay Bale

A farmer in Tinamba, Australia, told his guinea pigs they lacked understanding of construction basics after their eating pattern resulted in a precariously balanced hay bale.

Australian farmer Josh Neille captured the video of his free-range guinea pigs, who Neille says “number into the hundreds.”

“At the moment, it is very dry, so they eat everything from the ground up,” Neille said.

In the video, Neille can be heard chastising the guinea pigs, telling them that they could get crushed by the hay bale and joking that he will have to call WorkSafe. “You’re undermining your ability, and you’re going to get squashed,” he said.

Neille can also be seen in the footage showing off the different types of guinea pigs they have on the farm.

Neille regularly shares images of his farm animals on his Instagram account. Credit: Joshua Neille via Storyful

Video transcript

JOSH NEILLE: Holy Damon. Look at the pigs. They have eaten this hay bale all the way up into a pillar. [INAUDIBLE] I'm going to have to call WorkSafe here. Here's an undermining. You're undermining your ability, and you're going to get squashed.


Hey, have you got your construction ticket? Who did this? I want to see your qualifications, you pig. Are you supervising? Well, you haven't done a bloody good job of this. Your work force is about to get crushed. I'm going to have to defect this. No lettuce for yous.

[INAUDIBLE] dogs, Connie. What do like, mate? You like your short hair? That's a turkey, yes? Pig? What about you and your imposter? Must be with the committee.



Did a reverse mohawk. Black pigs, white pigs, short and tall-- [AUDIO OUT] pigging. I got them all.


Well, what do you know? Look what happened. Is there any trapped miners? I told you this was going to eventuate. You're lucky. Be free pigs. Bloody silly idiots. Oh, ever since-- oh, here we go, hey. Yeah, can you come in for a feed too? Here you go. Here you go.