Aussie man pilots hand-built flying boat to get the perfect snaps

This amazing footage shows a photographer flying a dinghy over The Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.

Ben Neale, 37, took the nail-biting trip to photograph some unexplored areas of the pacific.

He intended to use the photos for Gallery Earth, a charity that sells photographs to raise funds for NGOs.

Ben had the aircraft shipped from the USA in 8,000 pieces and put it together without rudimentary instructions.

He said: “I had it shipped from the USA for 8,000 in pieces and put it together without too much knowledge on how it was meant to be assembled.”

The process of building the aircraft took him around two months, but it produced quite an effective machine.

"The service ceiling is around 10,000 feet," Ben, from Cairns, Queensland, Australia, added.

The amazing footage shows the endless ocean views spread out in front of Ben, miles up in the air as he shifts around on the tiny platform, leaning toward the edge to get a picture.

Ben said: “I was on an aerial photography trip in a remote region of the Solomon Islands.

"I sailed a boat with the flying boat on the deck there and used it as a photography platform."

Ben was able to fly over the islands for a few hours before having to land due to the weather.

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