Aussie Woman Can't Contain Excitement Over 'Fully Sick' Laundry Drought Hack

A woman from the drought-affected town of Mudgee, New South Wales, has shared her absolute delight at creating her very own laundry hack to water her dry lawn.

In video filmed on October 29, an ecstatic Alicia Kurtz can’t contain her excitement over her new “irrigation” system which consists of a hose, connected to her washing machine to divert water onto her property.

“So I’ve made up this fully sick washing machine-to garden, whatever-you-want, waterer,” a jubilant Kurtz says in the video.

“Look how good it looks!”

“And I done that,” she adds proudly before mentioning she may have had help “from a little friend … Jake, thanks”.

Kurtz can be seen using the hose on her dry, brown lawn.

“Look at me! Look, I’m out watering my lawn,” she says as water falls onto the soil.

Much to Kurtz’s dismay, the flow of water suddenly stops.

“Oh no! I might need to put another load of washing on.”

The clip then cuts to Kurtz filming a sprinkler she has since set up.

“Look at this go! Me second load of washing is on. I found a sprinkler and oh, she’s tops.”

It then becomes apparent that the washing machine wasn’t the only thing Kurtz topped up, as a glass of red wine comes into view.

“This calls for celebration! Yew!” she screams.

“Now to divert the shower!” she added in a Facebook post.

Mudgee is located in the NSW Central Tablelands region, 83 per cent of which is experiencing drought, according to statistics from the state’s Department of Primary Industries. Credit: Alicia Kurtz via Storyful