Australia Zoo Team Euthanize Sick Whale Found Beached in Queensland

A melon-headed whale was euthanized by a team from Australia Zoo on November 20 after it was found to have a fatal virus.

A rescue unit from Australia Zoo responded to reports of the beached whale at Noosa North Shore. They found the whale to be in a serious condition due to the cetacean morbillivirus, a fatal illness for the melon-headed whale.

Dr Rosie Booth, chief of staff at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, determined that the whale would have to be humanely euthanized.

“Melon-headed whales commonly suffer from cetacean morbillivirus, an illness fatal to whales and highly contagious,” Dr Booth said. “Strandings of melon-headed whales are commonly due to cetacean morbillivirus.” Credit: Australia Zoo via Storyful