Australian economic stimulus package: how much governments have committed to coronavirus crisis

Paul Karp
Photograph: Mike Bowers/The Guardian

The $130bn support package announced by the Morrison government on Monday is the largest plank in a raft of measures to keep Australians in jobs and support those out of work, unprecedented in its scale.

Every state and territory has announced stimulus packages that, along with the impact of Covid-19-related closures on their revenue, are expected to put them all in deficit.

By the end of March, the measures announced totalled $213.6bn in direct, on-budget spending from the federal government, $11.8bn from the states and $105bn in lending from the Reserve Bank and the federal government.

Federal government

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New South Wales

  • 17 March – state government announces a $2.3bn stimulus package including $700m in extra health funding and $1.6bn in other measures including waiving payroll tax and bringing forward infrastructure investment.

  • 27 March – government announces a second $1bn funding package to boost employment in Services NSW, and defer payroll taxes and other levies.


  • 21 March – state government announces a $1.7bn economic survival package including $500m to support workers to transition to new jobs and a $500m business support fund for the hardest-hit sectors, including hospitality, tourism, accommodation, arts and entertainment, and retail.


  • 24 March – government announces a $4bn package including $300m for households, and rebates and waivers amounting to five months of payroll tax for businesses.

Western Australia

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South Australia

  • 11 March – government announces a $350m package to bring forward infrastructure spending and start new projects in road maintenance, housing, tourism and health.

  • 26 March – government announces a second package worth $650m, including $300m for businesses and industries and $250m for community organisations and training.


  • 18 March – government announces a $420m stimulus package, including $50m to fast-track maintenance, $20m in interest-free loans to affected business and payments of $250 for individuals and $1,000 for families required to self-isolate.

  • 26 March – government announces a second package worth $565m, including $150m to purchase essential equipment and supplies, and provide additional staff to combat Covid-19.

Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory

  • 18 March – government announces a $65m package to encourage business upgrades and home renovations.

  • 24 March – government announces an extra $50m to create a small business survival fund.