Australian man films two snakes battling it out in his kitchen

A shocking video has emerged from Australia of two snakes engaging in a fierce battle in a man's kitchen. ​The footage, captured in Dayboro - a rural suburb in Brisbane - shows the snakes locking necks in an supposed contest over a mate. The snakes can be seen rearing up and attempting to slam each other's heads into the ground, in a brutal battle for dominance. According to the filmer, he had known of the snakes' presence before they were eventually spotted. "I've been aware of one of these snakes living in the ceiling above my bedroom during the warmer seasons, which is no concern to me as these pythons are harmless and helpful for pest control, and to help keep away the deadly snakes that we've seen on the property," he wrote online. Describing his terrifying snake encounter with remarkable stoicism, he said: "On Sunday, I saw the tail of a large snake inside the kitchen as I returned from my shed," "The snake quickly went under a table and out of my site. When I moved around to see where it was going it'd already started wrapping itself around the other snake to start the battle," he continued. "I can safely assume that there was a female python nearby they were fighting over."