Australian Man Kisses Kookaburra After Intense Buildup

An open-minded kookaburra in New South Wales engaged in an epic onscreen smooch with an antipodean human outside the Crescent Head Country Club on October 15.

Timothy Hartmann and his friend were leaving the country club when they spotted the bird perched on a railing across the street.

In this video, posted on October 15, Hartmann’s friend can be seen playing it like Clark Gable, slooowly leaning in to kiss the kookaburra and letting the romantic tension build to a slow boil.

The kookaburra seemed unfazed by both the display of affection and the gales of laughter that erupt from the two men after the kiss, and flew away shortly after, Hartmann told Storyful. Credit: Timothy Hartmann via Storyful

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