‘Who’s that?’: Australian news readers fail to recognise UK prime minister Liz Truss

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‘Who’s that?’: Australian news readers fail to recognise UK prime minister Liz Truss

Two Australian news readers failed to recognise prime minister Liz Truss as she arrived for the Queen’s state funeral and dismissed her as likely to be ‘a local dignitary’.

Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw from Channel 9 were caught out as the Prime Minister arrived with her husband Hugh O’Leary.

They floundered as they struggled to work out who the couple are until they are saved by their production team.

Grimshaw says on live television: “Who’s this” to which Overton replies “No, hard to identify maybe minor royals I can’t identify them at this point.”

Grimshaw then says: “We can’s spot everyone unfortunately they look like they will be local dignitaries ... its hard to see we are looking at the back of their heads mostly.”

Finally Overton says after receiving information through his ear piece: “I’m just told that was Liz Truss the new PM in the distance we could see hopping out of the car.”

All six of the Queen’s surviving former prime ministers – Sir John Major, Sir Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson – were there, a stark remind of the many PMs who had come and gone during the Queen’s time on the throne, with Liz Truss now at the helm as the 15th.

Some 500 dignitaries were there witnessing the scenes but there was a protocol to be kept to – something to which the Queen always adhered.

US President Joe Biden was 14 rows back on the south transept, with Realm governor generals and Commonwealth countries taking precedent in front.

A wreath from Number 10, signed by Prime Minister Liz Truss, sits close to the door at st George’s Chapel in Windsor where the Queen’s Committal service was being held, and says: “For a lifetime of devotion and duty we offer our deep and sincere gratitude.”