Australian woman bullied for ‘sounding like a man’ finds peace after being compared to CHER

A young woman who was bullied for 'sounding like a man' has found peace - after being compared to her idol CHER. Charlotte MacGregor, 22, was badly bullied at school because of her low voice. She was constantly asked if she was a boy or transgender - and even had an entire bottle of water poured over her head as she sat in class. The negative attention badly affected her confidence until she began to be compared to her favourite singer and movie star Cher - who also has a deep voice. It helped her to accept differences and now shares her story on TikTok about being "different" as a way of learning to love her individuality. She regularly receives thousands of supportive comments. Charlotte, a retail worker from Melbourne, Australia, said: "Growing up was really hard - to think people bullied me because my voice sounded different still amazes me. I wanted to change it so badly to sound more 'girly' - but I've finally accepted who I am and love what makes me individual. The world would be very boring if we all sounded and looked the same. Being compared to Cher is incredible too - she's such an icon!" *Videos filmed throughout 2021.

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