'Authentic actress' Michelle Keegan

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'Authentic actress' Michelle Keegan credit:Bang Showbiz
'Authentic actress' Michelle Keegan credit:Bang Showbiz

Michelle Keegan is so convincing in 'Fool Me Once' that even author Harlan Coben mixes her up with her character.

Michelle, 35, plays Maya, a battle-weary veteran whose home life is turned upside down when her husband is murdered in the Netflix adaptation of Coben's book and the author revealed that he even mixes Michelle and Maya up.

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "You have a picture in mind then someone walks in and you go: ‘That person gets Maya.’

"I really thought Michelle did. She is Maya now, for me. Sometimes I accidentally call her Maya.

"She is a very authentic actress."

Nicola Shindler’s Quay Street Productions is producing the series, alongside series writer Danny Brocklehurst and Richard Fee.

Richard Armitage and Joanna Lumley also star in the Netflix adaptation and Coben previously said: "I’m thrilled and honoured to once again be collaborating with my uber-talented partners Danny, Nicola and Richard. 'Fool Me Once’ will be our fourth Netflix series together, and man, it never gets old! ‘Fool Me Once’ is a pulse-pounder — a shocking story of how secrets and deceit have the power to bring people together while simultaneously tearing them apart. I can’t wait to see how this dream cast brings these characters to life.”

Shindler and Fee, who exec produce for Quay Street, added: "Harlan is a master of twists and turns that are impossible to predict, which is what makes adapting his books for television impossible to resist! ‘Fool Me Once’ is no different, we’re incredibly excited to bring the story to life with an all-star cast."