Author Anne game for a laugh to help out Northwood House

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Island author Anne Holley hopes to raise funds for Northwood House.
Island author Anne Holley hopes to raise funds for Northwood House.

Isle of Wight author Anne Holley has been doing a lot of good...and writing about it.

Anne has just published her first book, Why Am I Doing This, about the fund-raising exploits of “Rosie” (Anne's non pen name) over many years.

From life modelling to descending the Grand Canyon, Anne has tried a lot of things in the cause of research.

Many of her projects were in aid of Mountbatten, including modelling for the life-drawing class and being rescued from the Medina by a giant dog.

Anne, from East Cowes, told the County Press the life-modelling was the most nerve-wracking of the challenges, while her Grand Canyon experience was the most enjoyable, raising money for Ability Dogs for Young People.

She also descended the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth on the end of a rope.

The proceeds of the book, which tells of the highs and lows of five of her adventures, will go towards a different good cause...the restoration of Northwood House.

Anne said historian Tim Wander had got her interested in the on-going project to restore the Cowes mansion.

Now she has got the book published, she is working on two other a whimsical tale told through the voice of her pet King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, and its border collie friends, and another unspecified one.

She said: "It is another challenge I guess, to get three books published and for sale locally and on Amazon.

"The profits from all three will go to Northwood House."

The book is available through Amazon Books, Waterstones website and some Isle of Wight bookshops