Autistic teen teaches a 101-year-old with a zimmer frame how to street dance

This is the moment an autistic teen taught a 101-year-old with a zimmer frame how to street dance and 'body pop' - in his retirement home. Ollie Venning, 17, is seen standing next to resident Don in the middle of The Yelverton Residential Home, Plymouth, Devon. The minute performance saw pensioner Don standing in front of his zimmer frame with a careworker behind him. He then can be seen wiggling his hips and raising his arms in a bid to copy his teenage teacher and dance to the beat. Ollie, who has severe autism, said: "Due to Covid I haven't been able to see one of my biggest fans -- my Great Nannie Bet. "She loves to watch me dance so once the restrictions were eased my nan asked if I could go in and perform so I did. "Just as I was about to leave, a resident named Don wanted to dance with me, so he came out on the dance floor, and I showed him some moves," said Ollie. "Don was amazing. I couldn't believe he was 101 - he had some great moves. "It made me feel good to see him and everyone there happy." Ollie's grandmother Ann Jessop, 67, who filmed the footage said: "It was just a beautiful moment really. "Ollie was visiting his great-nan and it was the first time Ollie was performing for the residents. "He got up and Don asked if he could get up too. "He started doing a little dance and was jiggling about trying to do all the moves. "It was just so natural and nice to see. "Ollie has autism and was severely bullied at school. "Being part of the dance school Street Factory has really helped him become what he is." You can follow Ollie's dance journey at The video was taken 11 August 2021.

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