Ava Bolton 'in remission' as parents issue 'emotional' update in cancer fight

An Ayrshire tot battling cancer is now in remission, her delighted and emotional parents have announced.

Courageous Ava Bolton has endured 18 months of gruelling treatment.

The Mauchline four-year-old was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, a very aggressive and rare childhood cancer which carries just a 50 per cent survival rate, in February 2023.

Now her "happy and emotional" parents, Scott and Natalie, have announced that the brave youngster is in remission after completing various tests.

Ava's end-of-treatment scan, bone marrow sample and various other tests showed all clear and her family is planning a first trip to New York to access a brand new trial treatment.

Ava's dad Scott told Ayrshire Live: "We are extremely overwhelmed and thankful by the support we have received after announcing the news of Ava's recent scans.

"It's amazing that she is now in remission, we are planning the next part of Ava's treatment in New York to hopefully keep her in remission and enjoy being back to normality."

Ava with her mum Natalie and dad Scott at last year's fundraiser
Ava with her mum Natalie and dad Scott at last year's fundraiser -Credit:Reach plc

He continued: "We found out the news at the end of last week by a call from our consultant.

"We were so happy and emotional to get the news we had hoped for after everything she has been through.

"It is still hard to think that 18 months ago, we had the devastating news that Ava had a 50/50 chance of beating her cancer, but she has absolutely smashed it and done us all so proud.

"She has been amazing throughout the full treatment process."

During the 18-months, Ava was treated at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, undergoing intensive chemotherapy, numerous bone marrow procedures, blood transfusions, CT and MRI scans, nuclear MIBG scans, G-CSF injections, stem cell harvest and radiotherapy.

Back in April 2023, Ava's parents also launched a fundraiser. With the help and support from the local community and businesses, Scott and Natalie managed to raise over £300,000 for Ava to access a brand new trial treatment in the US.

A new vaccination treatment is being trialled at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (MSK) in New York and is not currently available in the UK.

Scott and Natalie are now speaking with MSK to arrange a date for them to come over in the next few weeks for Ava's first of many treatments.

The first treatment will take around 30 days and if successful, will be followed by more visits over the next year.

Scott said: "We are forever grateful for all the support we have had and allowing us this opportunity for Ava to receive this additional treatment which will hopefully prevent her cancer from ever returning.

"We can't thank you all enough. It means so much to us as a family and we are so grateful."

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