Avalanche Piles Up in Pyrenees Mountain Tunnel

Snow piled up at the entrance of a tunnel in the Pyrenees mountain range in France on December 11, as exceptional snowfall led to a high avalanche risk in the area, the local weather service said.

Footage filmed by Personnaud Lilou near Le Pont du Moudang shows snow rapidly filling a tunnel on a mountain road.

Lilou, who was in the area on vacation, told Storyful they decided to reverse out of tunnel when they saw the snow rapidly coming in, although they later found out the safest thing to do would have been to stay in the tunnel.

“We were afraid but above all very surprised … That’s the type of thing which occur one time in a lifetime,” Lilou said.

Meteo France said “exceptional” early snowfall resulted in notable natural avalanche activity, unusual for the season, on December 10. Credit: Personnaud Lilou via Storyful

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