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Can't hear your TV? These genius headphones can help — they're $40 off at Amazon, today only

Do you struggle to hear your TV? There's just no accounting for poor audio balancing. Why does music have to be so loud at the cost of hearing what the actors say? The good news is that we have a fix: the Avantree Opera wireless headphones. These sync directly with your TV and broadcast the sound straight to you, with all of the audio — whether music, effects or dialogue — at a level that actually makes sense. You can listen even if your kids are being loud, or if you're trying to watch in bed without waking your spouse. And, just for today, they're $40 off at Amazon. (Got a partner who has trouble hearing the TV, too? There's also a set of two headphones on sale today.)

These headphones are a lot like a private surround sound system. Never miss a beat with 35 hours of battery life, a range of up to 100 feet, and compatibility with almost every TV on the market.
$150 at Amazon

Easy setup

Besides the ease of use, the Avantree Opera is equally as easy to set up. Just plug the transmitter into the proper port on your TV — it will most likely look like a headphone jack, or the same port you plug your soundbar into — and the headphones will automatically detect it. No finicky Bluetooth pairing required! Since it can plug into optical, 3.5mm, AUX, and RCA ports, there's a wide range of compatibility with almost every TV on the market.

Great audio quality

The Avantree Opera uses a pair of 40mm drivers to produce sound. What does that mean? Basically, the driver is a tiny loudspeaker — and the larger the millimeter size, the more sound it can produce. The Avantree Ensemble focuses on audio clarity, automatically balancing audio levels so that even those that are hard of hearing can make out what's being said on screen.

And if you're worried about the headphones introducing lag, you can rest easy. These operate with less than 40ms of lag, versus the more than 200ms that most Bluetooth options have. Trust us, it won't be like watching a badly-dubbed foreign film.

Enjoy up to 35 hours of clear listening time on one charge. (Photo: Amazon)

"My wife loves to watch TV AFTER it's time for us to go to bed. I was struggling for months listening to her watching TV in our bedroom until stumbling across this concept," shared a five-star fan. "Never once has it disconnected or not worked as soon as they are picked up from the charging stand."

A fellow happy customer also raved about these headphones. "The interface was very fast and simple," they shared. "The audio quality is excellent. There's no audio lag when used when my sound bar is on. I'm very happy with the Avantree Opera headphones and it bears repeating, the customer service they provided could not have been any better."

Right now, these are available for $40 off! It's a great time to snatch up a pair for yourself.

Isn't it time you actually heard what was on TV?
$150 at Amazon

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