Aviva issues 'sad' warning to home insurance customers across UK

Avia has issued a "sad" warning to customers over home insurance claims. The insurer, one of the UK's biggest, says more than a third (35%) of home insurance flood claims happen between June and August.

Aviva examined home and commercial policy flood claims from 2013 to 2024 and discovered that July and August each accounted for 12% of all property flood claims received, putting the months joint second behind December, which accounted for 17%.

Jason Storah, CEO UK & Ireland general insurance at Aviva, said: "Traditionally, we think of floods happening in the autumn and winter, when rainfall occurs over a period of time and rivers reach capacity. However, this analysis shows that floods can and do occur at any time and summer flash floods are becoming more commonplace.

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"This pattern of flood claims suggests that residents and businesses should be prepared for floods at any point during the year and put in place a flood action plan." Mr Storah went on and said: "Flash floods can catch us off guard as they are sudden and harder to predict, so we'd urge people to get ready and take action to protect their homes or businesses.

"This can mean simple things like moving sentimental items to higher levels or installing flood gates at their properties. As urban areas can be particularly susceptible to flash floods, we'd also encourage people to consider their outside spaces, ideally including permeable materials such as lawn, plants or softer landscaping materials like gravel to help water to drain."

Mr Storah added in his statement alongside the findings today: "Sadly, changing weather patterns and extreme weather such as flash flooding in the summer are things we are likely to experience more often, so it's important that our properties are climate-ready, regardless of where we live or work."