Avoid these four work blunders so you are not fired, an expert advises

Are you making key mistakes at work? (Getty Images)
Are you making key mistakes at work? (Getty Images)

With economic growth still a distant gleam on the horizon, private sector hiring has slowed in recent months, a workplace expert has warned.

Statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) data as of October show vacancies were down 26% as the cost of living crisis continues to impact people's lives.

With the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution turning the world of work on its head, there's plenty of pitfalls that could trip you up, warns Ben Stocken, CEO of business performance consultants West Peak.

Here are four blunders to avoid this coming year, Stocken advises.

Don't coast or 'quiet quit'

One of 2024's cardinal sins will be for employees to sit back and take a salary for adding very little value. 'Quiet quitters' will be penalised.

Stocken said: "Leaders are laser-focused right now on making sure that every part of their businesses is delivering a return on investment. If you're feeling under-utilised, be proactive and ask your manager how you could help lighten the load for colleagues. Or show some initiative and see what you can do to bring in extra revenue for the company."

Don't be the biggest rat in the rat race

Nobody wants to work with that person who is overly combative for the sake of climbing the greasy corporate ladder.

Ben Stocken, CEO of business performance consultants West Peak
Ben Stocken, CEO of business performance consultants West Peak.

Stocken said: "Office politics are a distraction from the main aim of the game, which should be to help build a company that serves customers and offers a positive working environment. Backstabbing and currying favour with the boss at the expense of others should be left to the childish contestants on The Apprentice.

"Empire builders and office rats will be found out in 2024."

Don't resist change

AI exploded into the workplace in 2023 and quickly overhauled corporate processes that had stayed unchanged since time immemorial. But with all the technological upheaval, refusing to evolve with changing workplace tools, processes or policies will make you obsolete fast.

Stocken said: "Demonstrate adaptability and embrace the change. Learn how to use AI to do your job better, faster and more efficiently than anyone else. Look for outdated processes and see how they can be done better."

Don't contribute to a toxic team culture

When redundancies come calling, managers will look at not just the overall strength of the team, but will consider how everyone gets along on a personal level.

Stocken said: "There's no place for toxic individuals as teams shrink. So avoid gossiping, even if it seems harmless. Don't exclude coworkers, and don't take credit for others' work. You'll be found out sooner than you think.

"Discrimination – no matter how subtle – can destroy the team culture, and make it impossible for employees to feel safe to contribute. Promote positivity!"

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