'Get Away From Me': Alligator Swims Too Close to Paddleboarder in Florida Park

A nice paddleboarding afternoon became a scary situation for one Florida woman when an alligator came right up to her board in Silver Springs State Park, getting so close that she was able to push it away with her paddle.

Vicki Baker posted the video to social media on September 8, showing the gator zooming right up next to her. Baker was sitting atop her paddleboard, trying to get the animal to leave her alone.

“All I was thinking is, ‘Get your feet out of the water,’ and ‘If he bites my board, I’m done.’ I was so scared I really didn’t have time to think, just react,” Baker told Storyful.

Baker took her paddle and pushed the animal away from her board, prompting the alligator to hiss at her as it retreated.

Although Baker believes someone has been feeding this alligator, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission urges people to keep their distance if they see one of the large reptiles. Credit: Vicki Baker via Storyful

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