Awesome 3D Star Wars Art Installation Greets London Commuters

An impressive 3D artwork installation that recreates the famous Death Star trench run scene from Star Wars is currently adorning a tunnel outside one of Britain’s busiest train stations.

The awesome forced perspective painting shows the moment the film’s hero ignored his targeting computer and used the Force to blow up the insidious space station operated by the evil Galactic Empire.

Clever artists working in conjunction with Disney created the whopping 15m long painting under a bridge in Southwark, south London, used by tens of thousands of commuters every morning.

The classic trench scene is one of the most iconic moments in cinema history, and is the climax to 1977 blockbuster Star Wars - where skilled pilot Luke saves the day in his X-wing fighter.

The artwork was created by world-renowned artists 3D Joe and Max, and is set to stay in place until Friday - and it even has sound effects.

It was created to mark the launch of new computer game Star Wars Rise Against the Empire, which allows players to use characters from the film to overthrow the evil Empire.

The installation is located at Southward Bridge Tunnel, Bankside, SE1 0AR.

Images & story: SWNS/Ben Cusack