Awesome drone footage shows a surfer gliding over a bull shark

A drone captured the moment a surfer glided over a bull shark. Alex Vontevenar was riding the waves just off Ponce Inlet, Florida, USA, when he encountered the predator below him on Monday (27/09). Drew Duncan, 62, was trying to capture a video of his son Cole who had just paddled out to join Alex when he noticed the bull shark approach. He said: "The waves were small so I thought I'd check for sea life - boom! "Six to eight sharks from four to eight or nine feet! "I just did my best to keep the camera steady." He manoeuvred his DJI Magic Pro drone over to Alex and captured the exact moment his wave rolled over the shark. Drew, from Daytona Beach, added: "The Ponce/New Smyrna Beach inlet is one of the shark-iest places in Florida and perhaps the world." However, he was not worried about the safety of the surfing dudes. "If we had ever been on the sharks menu, nobody would have ever gone near the water," the drone photographer said. "We would've figured that out when we were Cro-Magnon!" The video was taken on September 27th 2021.

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