Awesome footage shows a humpback whale breaching several times just metres away from a kayak

Ryan, 45, was kayaking with his son Aidan, 19, and their nine-year-old Australian Shepherd Shelby in Desolation Sound, Discovery Islands, British Columbia, when they heard the sound of a humpback whale nearby.

Ryan immediately started recording and captured the incredible animal breaching right beside them.

Seconds later, the whale moved in front of them and breached just metres away from their kayak.

The humpback whale swam along and breached one more time before retreating back into the ocean, leaving Ryan and Aidan completely stunned.

Ryan said: “We were so shocked and initially just so relieved that we didn’t get crushed and that we were safe.

“Then we were just in awe and so grateful to be that close to such a magnificent creature.

This happened on August 9th 2022.