Awkward clip emerges of Rishi Sunak talking about recycling bins

A clip of Rishi Sunak appearing to advocate for 'lots of recycling bins' resurfaced after the Prime Minister claimed to be scrapping several policies as part of a rethink on net zero, including forcing people to recycle in seven different bins, which critics have claimed was never a policy in the first place.

Video transcript

- The prime minister said that he's managed to stop a series of measures. So no taxes on eating meat. No new taxes to discourage flying. You won't be forced to sort your rubbish into seven different bins. No compulsory car sharing, and no expensive insulation upgrades.

I do have to say, I don't think many powerful people were talking about putting new taxes on meat or forcing you to share your car, but I do have to say we did manage to track down one quite powerful person who quite liked the idea of sorting your rubbish into lots of bins.

RISHI SUNAK: Recycling, and that is a thing that, in our house, we are obsessive about. I know it's a pain. You need lots of bins, but it is something that is very good for the environment.

- OK, that was the leadership debates just over a year ago. Time flies.